How It Works

Send Your Music

Upload your tracks here. It's required separate, clearly labeled tracks for music (without drums), vocals, programmed / demo drums (if available). If there are tempo changes, please send a midi tempo map. If you have any questions on how to do any of these things, do not hesitate to contact Marito at

Send Your Info

Fill in the information form hereBy filling in the information form, Marito knows exactly what services you’d like to utilize and all other required information. Please be as specific and thorough as you can with all information to ensure you are totally satisfied with the tracks you receive. Feel free to contact us through email. For more direct contact ask us for a phone or Skype call. 


You will receive a PayPal invoice for the full amount after submitting the information form and your tracks. Once payment is received Marito will send you your tracks within 72 hours. If this deadline can't be done due to tours and live concerts, you will be notified before payment is proceeded.

Get Your Drum Tracks

Drum Tracks: You will get 2 full takes with some groove variations and various fills for you to choose from. Each take will include clearly labeled, individual, consolidated tracks of all microphones used. These will be .WAV files at the Sample Rate mentioned on the information form. A standard drum session usually includes: Kick In, Kick Out, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, Rack Tom, Floor Tom, Hi-hat, Stereo Overheads, Stereo Rooms, Close Rooms, Mono Room. Depending on the session, the tracks may be moderately processed (EQ & compression) at the tracking stage, although we believe it is best to leave the tracks raw for the mix engineer to use them in their own specific way. If you have purchased any of our other services you will receive the appropriate tracks at this time.

Percussion Tracks: You will get the .WAV file of each individual instrument consolidated to the session start. A standard percussion session usually includes a close stereo and a mono room microphone. Although, the miking may vary depending on the instrument.

Kalimba Tracks: You will get .WAV files of each individual kalimba consolidated to the session start. A standard kalimba session usually includes two close stereo microphones and the direct line. A standard electric kalimba session may include the stereo output from the pedal board and direct line from the kalimba in case you want to reamp the kalimba through different pedal effects.  

Drum Samples: Over heads, rooms and close microphone stereo .WAV file of each individual instrument with 3 sample options for each one of 3 different dynamics.