Services and Pricing

Drum Tracks

200$ USD per song 

It couldn’t be easier! Please check the How It Works page for specifics on the process, what Marito needs from you and what you'll receive.

Drum tracks for a plausible straight-forward song, up to 4 minutes and 59 seconds in length are $200 USD. Get an extra discount for projects of 4 or more songs. Contact Marito directly at to discuss multiple song rates. For a complicated or much longer song he will contact you to discuss pricing options.

Percussion Tracks

$20 USD per instrument or $175 USD for a full percussion track

Marito is often hired to record percussion due to his large experience of playing and recording percussion and the large variety of instruments he owns from all over the world.

You can choose to get one or more instruments to enrich your music, or you can also get a full percussion track with various instruments. 

Kalimba Tracks

$75 USD for one kalimba track or $150 USD for a full kalimba track

With an unique and versatile approach on the Kalimba and electric Kalimba (through pedal effects), Marito has played and recorded from pop, electronic, world, R&B, world to acoustic singer/songwriter tracks. Check out some examples on Listen and Watch.

Drum Samples

30$ USD per sample

This is often required to expand and improve the existing drum recordings with heavily processed drum samples to add extra definition, eveness, depth and punch without any bleed.

You will get 3 sample options for each instrument, each one of 3 different dynamics from close, over heads and room mics, using the drum sounds recorded for your song, processed ready for mix, to provide a more organic and truly unique version of that larger than life sound.

2* Canadian Clients please note that all prices are inclusive of HST *